MayDay Design + Andrea Maldifassi

May Day Design is a consultancy and design studio for innovation in the field of design, a network of experts and professionals who cooperate and efficiently manage their work to rapidly and effectively satisfy their clients’ needs.Founded in 2006, May Day Design offers solutions on the whole product system of firms, that is: product, service and communication, three elements that characterize and differentiate market offer in today’s companies. May Day Design also offers concept design and product development, as well as corporate identity and service planning services


Andrea Maldifassi

I am Andrea Maldifassi, an Italian designer. I was born in Benevento, in the South of Italy, where the sun is warm, the wind flows and the table is full of amazing dishes. I love cooking and eating, I think there is nothing like the Pink Floyd’s music and any time is the right one to start a trip and discover new people, cultures, places. As designer my competences are really variegate, from product to event design, from interior design to art direction. University studies and the working experiences I had, contributed to the development of my designer skills.

My job is to VISUALIZE; carry an idea from the ethereal world to the physical one, through the use of materials, shapes and colors to the development of interactions between objects, spaces and the users. The combination of tradition and manual work with design thinking and service design lead me constantly to develop new concepts and projects increasingly dynamic and contemporary. In my projects I keep the traditional taste and aesthetics but without never forgetting to adapt to today’s increasingly technological context and sustainability consciousness.