Pietre di Monitillo is a collection of stone objects, the result of a cooperation between Monitillo Marmi and international designers, from disparate experiences and language, with a shared passion for the expressive potential of the material.
The stones, carefully selected by master craftsmen, are processed by numerical control technology to create sculptures for the daily life, to experience and enjoy.



Pietre di Monitillo is deeply rooted in Altamura, Apulia. A land of great traditions, contrasts and cultural riches; inextricably linked for centuries with the processing of stone materials, which they found in the capacity of local “artists” their maximum expression. Every building, street and architectural evidence of the past reveals such combination.
To witness the link with the territory, its traditions and the atmosphere that can be found in the pieces of the collection, the items have taken the name from Apulia’s coastal towers.



The pieces of the collection are made of Carrara marble, green Imperial marble and Mazzaro, a limestone from Puglia.
The product is concealed within the matter. The designer captures the essence and entrusts it to the loving hands of the craftsman who slowly lets is emerge with each step of the tool on the stone. Each product is a one-off, characterized by the natural colors and unevenness of the material.


Monitillo Marmi

Monitillo Marmi was born in Altamura, near Bari, in 1980. Originally, the company is involved in projects for construction sites and private homes, offering an entrepreneurial model based on scrupulous observance of the details, the maniacal attention to the choice of material and the laying out of customized solutions. Over the course of time the digital technology is added to the manual processes: this allows to turn an abstract concept evolved into serial production.